Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Pillar of Strength

This is my first post on my blog. Hence I would like to dedicate my first post to one of the most important people of my life who was the pillar of strength not only to me but also my family – My GRANDFATHER..Being brought up in a south Indian family I used to address my grandfather as “TATHA”. I have never seen an extra- ordinary person like him ever in my life. He was one such person who was very clear of what he wanted from life, his principles and values were crystal clear and he left no stone unturned in inculcating the same in all of us.I just recall a few moments I shared with him.

Being the youngest in the family I am a completely pampered child so much so that I am called POKRI (which means Naughty child in Tamil) at home. Whenever I would do any mischief and mamma would shout he would say that “If Pokri wont do such things you and I will do mischief or what?” My all time support so much so that if I scored less marks in my exams he would always tell mamma and pappa “Not to worry, she will really do well in life.”I remember there was not one day he has ever had food without me. He used to wait for me to come home for lunch and would eat together where he would crack jokes, and share all the experiences of his life. He used to even ensure that I would not miss the Aarti and hence used to fnish the pooja only when I when would reach home.

Then came Valentines day and I asked him as to where is he taking Paati and he said that for him “Every day is Valentines Day and this day which your generation celeberates is just a way used by many people to mint money.” I took him from the hall to the dining room and told him that he is my valentine. He was so happy that I actually told him this as he never ever expected me to tell him. He being a strong follower of Gandhiji and he admired him so much that when he saw the movie “The Legend of Bhagat Singh” I exactly recall what he said “ He just couldn’t stop saying that Gandhiji is potrayed in a wrong way, nobody knows as to what Gandhiji has done for the country; ellam manangatti aakam (all is nonsense),if it was not for him we would never be free from the rule of the British.”I remember Tatha used to always tell me that whatever money you have spend little and save a lot because you never know when you will need the money. When anybody comes home see that they never go without eating anything, and just don’t give them something to drink offer them to eat also. Because you never know whether that person is hungry or not.

Once when I had to omai’s place (mamma’s mom), tatha went out alone for a walk saying that he is just going to walk in the building one of dad’s friend saw him walking alone and brought him home. When I returned home in the evening I was told as to what he did. I went and told him “Naughty boy one day I am not there and you go out alone” I remember he laughed aloud because no one ever dared to call him something like that but this shows the relation we shared.
I have never seen such a systematic person like him. He had maintained a record of whatever money he spent be it giving the vegetable vendor, or giving anyone else.

When it was some festival or a birthday he would give us some amount of money as his blessings. Two days after his passing away we were searching something in his cupboard and came across his diary and crosschecked whatever we could remember and saw that all the details tallied.I can go on and on and on sharing all the memoirs through which I am again re living all the moments. How can I forget the comment which tatha made on mamma as she loves chocolates. He said “ When Seema sneezes a chocolate will come out of her mouth”Tatha I love you loads and miss you so much. I know you are always be my side showering your blessings upon me and family.Lots n Lots of Love and Namaskarams. I miss you tatha..


  1. Fantastic that you could through your post bring your thatha, my father, so alive. It brought tears to my eyes and I regalled at the greatness of my dad. He was a noble soul, just matchless.
    Thanks Bittu.