Friday, August 14, 2009

Perils of the Future!!!

We are playing around with nature BUT at whose and what cost??
Arent we aware of how the earth's temperature is increasing, how reduction in rain compared to the previous years is happening, sudden floods,tsunami's happening, all of a sudden forests burning in U.S.A, landslides happening in Taiwan and the ice glaciers melting.....
What are we doing knowing all this?? Nothing just storing all these STORIES in our memories to tell our grandchildren and great grand children, is it?? But, wait...just think: "The way disasters are happening, is it that after 10 years we will be alive to tell these STORIES to anyone? " its really high time that we realise that these are " NOT STORIES" but FACTS which turn a Nelson's Eye to.
It's sad that we arent doing anything after knowing all this...My sincere request is that let's do our little bit towards stopping global warming atleast by using CFL's instead of bulbs, switching off the lights when not in use and so on and so forth...
If we don't act today and not really do anything at all, it may be too late for us as well as the coming generation. The stark reality is seen in all these, and it's frightening too.


  1. A great thought. Moving people to join you is quite inspiring and may you succeed in your endeavour.

  2. Hey it takes huge amounts of effort to get some sense into people.. Nowadays ppl in such a hurry they dont even bother to listen..

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